2.0 Biography

Here we will learn to understand questions and answers about one’s background information. Typically, the questions will revolve around a person’s original place of residence, work background, family, study and the like.


Upon successful completion of the module, you should be able to:

  1. Pronounce correctly any word from the lessons, properly distinguishing sounds and tones, using the proper stress and neutral tones, and making the necessary tone changes.
  2. Pronounce correctly any sentence from the lessons, with proper pauses and intonation, that is, without obscuring the tones with English intonation.
  3. Use polite formulas in asking and answering questions about identity (name), health, age, and other basic information.
  4. Reply to questions with the Chinese equivalents of “yes” and “no.”
  5. Ask and answer questions about families, including who the members are, how old they are, and where they are.
  6. Ask and answer questions about a stay in China, including the date of arrival, location-purpose-duration of stay, previous visits, traveling companions, and date of departure.
  7. Ask and answer questions about work or study—identification of occupation, the location, and the duration.
  8. Give the English equivalent for any Chinese sentence in the lessons.
  9. Be able to say any Chinese sentence in the lessons when cued with its English equivalent.
  10. Take part in a short Chinese conversation, using expressions included in the lessons.