4.0 Directions

Here we will learn to understand questions and answers about directions and locations. The topics generally revolve around places and where things are located. The last lesson deals with getting directions when you are lost.


Upon successful completion of this module, you should be able to:

  1. Give the English equivalent for any Chinese sentence in the lessons.
  2. Say any Chinese sentence in the lessons when cued with its English equivalent.
  3. Ask for directions to a location in a city, to a place in a building, or to a specific address.
  4. Comprehend directions well enough to trace the route on a city map or a floor plan.
  5. Demonstrate understanding of directions by restating at least part of them step by step.
  6. Distinguish between Beijing and Taipei expressions for directions by matching expressions to the cities in which they would be used.
  7. Direct someone (using single-sentence directions} to various places in a building by describing a route marked on a floor plan.