6.0 Meetings

Here we will learn to understand questions and answers regarding setting up a meeting by phone and in person.


Upon successful completion of this module, you should be able to:

  1. Give the English equivalent for any Chinese sentence in the lessons.
  2. Say any Chinese sentence in the lessons when cued with its English equivalent.
  3. Make and respond to introductions with appropriate polite questions and answers.
  4. Make phone calls and leave messages.
  5. Arrange a meeting (time and place) with someone by talking with him or his secretary either in person or by phone.
  6. Request that the time of a meeting be changed.
  7. Invite a person to lunch, deciding on the time and the restaurant.
  8. Arrange a social gathering for a specific time of day, inviting guests to his home and encouraging them to accept the invitation.
  9. Greet guests upon their arrival at your home.
  10. Accept/decline a social/business invitation with the appropriate degree of politeness.