3.0 Money

Here we will learn to understand questions and answers involving money. The topics generally revolve around prices, shopping, and having money changed.


Upon successful completion of this module, you should be able to:

  1. Comprehend the numbers 1 through 99,999, including those numbers used in money expressions, and say them In Chinese when given English equivalents.
  2. Give the English equivalent for any Chinese sentence in the lessons.
  3. Say any Chinese sentence in the lessons when cued with its English equivalent.
  4. Give the Chinese names, when given the English, for fifteen items to be bought.
  5. Say that you want to make a purchase, find out if the item is sold, to see it, find out the price, ask to see other similar items, and either make the purchase or say you do not want to buy the item.
  6. Talk in Chinese about the items you bought, the quantity you bought, the size and color of the items, and the price (cost) (including a comparison of your purchases with other items).
  7. Ask for change (specific denominations).
  8. 8. Say you want to change money into local currency, find out where to change it, ask what the current exchange rate is, and complete the exchange using cash or traveler’s checks.