1.0 Orientation

Greetings learner of Chinese! Before you start off with the Orientation lesson, make sure you have gone through the Pronunciation and Romaniza-tion and Numbers lessons first. If you have done so, please continue reading through the introduction.

This lesson aims to jump start your learning by giving you the linguistic tools needed to study Chinese. The lesson will be divided into bite-sized sections which you can listen to any time during your day.


After you have gone through with the lessons, you should be able to do most of these things

  1. Distinguish the sounds and tones of Chinese well enough to be able to write the Hanyu Pinyin romanization for a syllable after hearing the syllable.
  2. Be able to pronounce any combination of sounds found in the words of the Target Lists when given a romanized syllable to read.
  3. Know the names and locations of five cities and five provinces of China well enough to point out their locations on a map, and pronounce the names well enough to be understood by a Chinese.
  4. Comprehend the numbers 1 through 99 well enough to write them down when dictated, and be able to say them in Chinese when given English equivalents.
  5. Understand the Chinese system of using personal names, including the use of titles equivalent to “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” “Miss,” and “Comrade.”
  6. Be able to ask and understand questions about where someone is from.
  7. Be able to ask and understand questions about where someone is.
  8. Be able to give the English equivalents for all the Chinese expressions in the Target Lists.
  9. Be able to say all the Chinese expressions in the Target Lists when cued with English equivalents.
  10. Be able to take part in short Chinese conversations, based on the Target Lists, about how he is, who he is, and where he is from.