5.0 Transportation

Here we will learn to understand questions and answers regarding riding a bus, taxi and plane.


Upon successful completion of this module, you should be able to:

  1. Give the English equivalent for any Chinese sentence in the lessons.
  2. Say any Chinese sentence in the lessons when cued with its English equivalent.
  3. Use the bus system: find out which buses go to a specific destination, at what times they leave, how often they run, where to buy tickets, where to change buses (if necessary), when the last bus of the day leaves, and where his stop is.
  4. Take a taxi: hail one, tell the driver where to go, and use commands such as “hurry,” “slow down,” and “stop here.”
  5. Use the train system: find out which trains go to a specific destination, at what times they leave, when and where to buy tickets, whether or not tickets are available for a train leaving on a specific date at a specific time, the distance to the destination, the duration of the train trip to that place, which platform the train leaves from, what to do with luggage, and whether or not the train has a dining car.
  6. Take a plane: reserve a ticket for a certain date and time; find out whether or not the flight is direct, the duration of the flight, and traveling time to the airport; and arrange for transportation to the airport.
  7. Describe in detail a trip (taken in the past or planned for the future): places visited (which places and what they are like), traveling companions, transportation for the trip, length of stay, number of previous trips to the same places.